Sunday, August 22, 2010

the story

Ive been bumping around the chopper scene for 10 years now. Had 3 underground skunkworks shops in upstate ny. Way to fucking cold up there, took a trip down to daytona bike week 07 and never left. Closed up shop in ny and moved all my crap down to sunny Florida. Ran the chop shop and parts business out of the garage in the backyard of my ranchhouse with the fine view of lollipops stripclub for a year or so. Moved the shop to edgewater Fl ran it out of the old johnnys transmission building. Jumped out of there and ran a full blown shop open to the public and all the problems that come with that for a year. Fuck that noise back to hiding in the garage at home for me.

 This is just a short intro Ill get more detailed when im drunk and find the pictures.

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